Скачать Directx с Pixel Shader 2.0


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Скачать Directx с Pixel Shader 2.0

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. Describes the new wave operation intrinsics added to HLSL Shader Model 6. For earlier shader models, HLSL programming exposes only a single thread of execution.


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  • New wave-level operations are provided, starting with model 6. 0, to explicitly take advantage of the parallelism of current GPUs — many threads can be executing in lockstep on the same core simultaneously. For example, the model 6. The functions have been added to the requirements for DirectX Feature Level 12.


    0, under API level 12. A single thread of execution. The shader models before version 6. 0 expose only one of these at the language level, leaving expansion to parallel SIMD processing entirely up to the implementation.

    No explicit barriers are required to guarantee that they execute in parallel. Similar concepts include «warp» and «wavefront.

    The wave of lanes that the program is currently executing. A lane which is not being executed, for example due to the flow of control, or insufficient work to fill the minimum size of the wave. A lane for which execution is being performed. In pixel shaders, it may include any helper pixel lanes.

    A set of 4 adjacent lanes corresponding to pixels arranged in a 2×2 square. They are used to estimate gradients by differencing in either x or y. A wave may be comprised of multiple quads. A lane which is executed solely for the purpose of gradients in pixel shader quads. The output of such a lane will be discarded, and so not render to the destination surface.

    A lane in a pixel shader quad that will emit a write to the destination buffer. All the operations of this shader model have been added in a range of intrinsic functions. The intrinsics for querying a single wave. Identify operations that must happen only once per wave.

    Returns the number of lanes in the current wave. Returns the index of the current lane within the current wave. Returns true if the current lane is a helper pixel of the specified lane. This set of intrinsics compare values across threads currently active from the current wave.

    Returns true if the expression is true in any active lane in the current wave. Returns true if the expression is true in all active lanes in the current wave. Returns a 64-bit unsigned integer bitmask of the evaluation of the Boolean expression for all active lanes in the specified wave. These intrinsics enable all active lanes in the current wave to receive the value from the specified lane, effectively broadcasting it. The return value from an invalid lane is undefined.

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    For earlier shader models, x64 Ru 1703 RS2 8in2 Orig, returns the bitwise OR of all the values of the expression across all active lanes in the current wave. The output of скачать Directx с Pixel Shader 2.0 a lane will be discarded — 3D графикой и анимацией. У тебя игра, the Sims 3 World Adventures v2.

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